2013-2017 Passenger Occupancy Emulator

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The passenger seat of the 2013-2017 Dodge Viper contains a passenger occupant classification module (OCM) which is part of the occupant classification system. This system automatically determines if the passenger seat is occupied and the weight of the occupant This information is used to control the passenger side airbags in the event of an accident.

The passenger occupant emulator module can be used to simulate the OCM when the passenger seat is removed for off-road racing purposes. The module allows the occupant status to be manually changed to enable and disable the airbags and will eliminate the codes and lights associated with the removal of the seat.

2-3 Day Build Time.

Installation of this kit should not be taken lightly as it is manipulating the airbag system. Improper use or failure to select the proper airbag mode can lead to serious injury or death. Multiple warning labels and reminders are included for this reason. This kit is recommended for off-road use only with proper racing seats, helmets, and harnesses.

Passenger Occupancy Emulator Installation Instructions

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