Trusted supplier of motorsport-grade electronic products to IndyCar, IMSA, Formula E, and other series and teams since 2010.

  • Pit equipment to charge/maintain onboard lithium ion batteries
  • Wiring harnesses
  • Fuel systems for fill monitoring and short fill
  • Power distribution modules
  • Custom sensor assemblies
  • Steering wheel switch modules
  • LED indicator modules
  • Motor control modules
  • Onboard glucose level monitoring
  • Various other custom electronic products 

Non-Contact Sensor Technology:

Years of application experience as an authorized dealer with both the Gill and Reventec product lines. Ability to develop an application-specific custom sensor package if an off-the-shelf solution is not sufficient.

Offering non-contact level, flow, position, and torque and speed sensors.

Custom variants at an affordable price.

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Offering non-contact level, flow, position, and condition sensors along with control and interface modules.

Please click on the Gill logo for more information.

Motorsport Contract Engineering Services:

Available to contract for assistant engineering, data analysis engineering, and similar roles. Specializing in data acquisition; specifically Pi / Cosworth logger systems, fuel strategy, and electronic systems. Experienced as a team member and sanctioning body scrutineering official. 


Mortorsport Grade Wiring Harnesses: 

Design and manufacture of custom wiring harnesses to reliably meet the requirements of the harshest environments. 



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