1992-2017 Carbon Fiber Driveshaft

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Will refund a credit for donation of slip yoke for your build (Gen V $500 Credit). 

2000 hp / 1500 lb-ft recommended power rating *

*recommended rating due to OEM yoke/u-joint specs, however, driveshafts have been used up to 3000 hp / 2500 lb-ft.     

Improved Shift Feel / Launches

Lower Inertia than OEM - Quicker Acceleration

Reduced Vibrations and Shock

Extends Trans / Diff Life

SFI Spec 43.1

High Speed Balanced 

Forged Aluminum CNC Machined Tube Yokes

Built to Order ~ 4 Week Build Time

Driveshaft Installation Instructions

 Video Explaining the Benefits of a Carbon Fiber Driveshaft: 


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