2016-2017 Gen V ACR Extreme Hood/Wheel Vent Shields

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Reduce debris flying through wheel vents. Street and Street/Track Versions for use with/without plastic wheel vents. Sold as a pair. 

BOLT-ON for 2016-2017 ACR-E Vipers

Black Hard Anodized Aluminum Construction

Blemished surface discount - may have inconsistent surface sheen, scratches, or other minor flaws.. 

Solid Street Shields -  Debris and water can escape the openings on the wheel vents on the ACR Extreme hood. The solid street shields greatly reduce or eliminate any debris exiting the wheel vents. 

Solid Street Shield Installation Instructions

Vented Shields -  Track and street debris will escape the openings above the wheels once the plastic vents have been removed. The vented track/street shields prevent larger debris from being flung onto the top side of the car and windshield while still maintaining a large amount of airflow and downforce levels.

Vented Track / Street Shield Installation Instructions

 Video Explanation of the Wheel Vent Shields:



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