2013-2017 Gen V Viper Carbon Fiber Engine Braces

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2013-2017 Carbon Fiber Engine Braces

The carbon fiber and aluminum construction front and side/lateral engine braces replace the OEM steel braces with the intent to reduce weight, reduce corrosion over time, improve performance, and cosmetically improve the engine compartment.

The brace design maintains the shape and size of the OEM braces to preserve compatibility with catch cans, the X-brace, and other OEM and aftermarket parts.

The braces are constructed from black hard anodized aluminum pieces bonded to high strength carbon fiber tubing and stainless steel hardware. High strength mounting bolts are included with the kit. This is the second design revision of the braces featuring reinforced bonding areas for improved strength and rigidity over the originals.

The front brace saves about 1.6 lbs from the front of the engine bay.

The side brace pair saves about 7 lbs from the front of the engine bay. 

Front Engine Brace Installation Instructions

Side Engine Brace Installation Instructions

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