2013-2017 Gen V Differential and Transmission Cooler Kits

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Complete bolt-on cooler kits for the Gen V Viper

A differential cooler is recommended per the owner's manual for 25+ minute track sessions. Thermally controlled coolers and fans keep fluids cooler and extends fluid life. 

No Drilling; Bolt-on design; can easily return to stock.

Designed for maximum cooling and electrical efficiency with minimum weight.

Each pump and fan are individually and automatically temperature controlled 

Powered automatically via ignition and/or manual control switch

Motorsports grade wiring harness with custom control circuit board 

Maintenance Pump Switch Included 

Type III black anodized aluminum brackets with stainless steel hardware

Compatible with IPSCO ACR Rear Tow Hook

1-2 week build time

Transmission and Differential Cooler Installation Instructions

Transmission and Differential Cooler Explainer Video: 



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