2008-2010 Gen IV Compression Limiters for Installing the Gen V Intake Manifold

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The Gen V Composite Intake Manifold is a great modification for the Gen IV Viper (improves power, weight, reduces heat), however, the OEM compression limiters provided are not compatible with the Gen IV heads.

Adapts the 2013+ Intake Manifold (P/N: 5038554AC, 5038554AD, 5038554AE) to 2008-2010 Heads

Reduces installation time

Machined Flats provide visual confirmation of orientation

Increased clamping surface area

Type III black anodized aluminum and optional stainless steel bolts

Titanium bolts are black PVD coated and save 0.3 lbs. 

2008-2010 Intake Manifold Compression Limiter Installation Instructions

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