2003-2017 Dodge Viper Control Arm Bushings

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Delrin or spherical bushings replace the factory rubber bushing material which deteriorates over time. More consistent handling/feedback on and off the track can be expected. These bushings have no preload as with a rubber bushing. 


Delrin is very low friction and will not flex, squeak, or deteriorate over time. Excellent performance in a wide range of temperatures. 

All upper control arm bushings are Delrin. Bolt-in installation without modification of the control arm. Steel bushing face machined with features to grip the frame.  

Spherical Bearing

Optional upgrade for the lower control arms - the ultimate solution to allow maximum flexibility for various suspension setups, especially on track. Upper bushings remain Delrin for the spherical lower upgrade.  

Aerospace / motorsport grade PTFE spherical bearings allow full motion in all directions to accommodate any suspension geometry. Anodized aluminum cartridge. Bearing is sealed from the elements to protect from dirt ingress. Bolt-in installation without modification of the control arm. 

Control Arm Bushings are BOLT-ON for 2003-2017 Viper 

Aluminum, Plated 4340 Steel, and Delrin Construction

All Components Coated to Prevent Corrosion. 

Sold per car set or upper / lower set available individually.

2003-2017 Delrin Control Arm Bushing Installation Instructions

2003-2017 Spherical Control Arm Bushing Installation Instructions

Control Arm Function and Bushing Explanation Video: 


Removing OEM Control Bushings Video: 



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