2003-2017 Dodge Viper Delrin Control Arm Bushings

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Delrin or spherical bushings replace the factory rubber bushing material which deteriorates over time. More consistent handling/feedback on and off the track can be expected. These bushings have no preload as with a rubber bushing.


Delrin is very low friction and will not flex, squeak, or deteriorate over time. Excellent performance in a wide range of temperatures. 

All upper control arm bushings are Delrin. Bolt-in installation without modification of the control arm. 


Optional for the lower control arms - the ultimate solution to allow maximum flexibility for various suspension setups, especially on track. 

- Aerospace / motorsport grade PTFE spherical bearings allow full motion in all directions to accommodate any suspension geometry. Bearing is sealed from the elements to protect from dirt ingress. Bolt-in installation without modification of the control arm. 


Control Arm Bushings are BOLT-ON for 2003-2017 Viper 

Aluminum, Plated 4340 Steel, and Delrin Construction

All Components Coated to Prevent Corrosion

Sold per car set, lower control arms available individually.

2003-2017 Delrin Control Arm Bushing Installation Instructions

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