1992-2017 Dodge Viper Steering Upgrades

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Steering upgrades - all are backwards compatible with OEM components and are sold by the pair:

Rack Stops: Stronger than the OEM plastic which are prone to breaking 

Bellows/Boots: Flexible neoprene upgrade from the OEM version. Includes OEM style clamps. 

Ti Rack Bolts: Set of 2 titanium bolts coated in Teflon infused anodizing saves weight over OEM. Includes Type III hard anodized black aluminum washer. Gen V only. 

Inner Tie Rods: Improved over OEM which can pull out over time with heavy track use. Cadmium plated 4340 steel, aerospace grade bearing with PTFE liner. Lower friction and higher strength than OEM. **Recommend Outer Tie Rod / Bump Steer Kit For Frequent Adjustment **

Outer Tie Rod / Bump Steer Kit:   See product: 1992-2017 Dodge Viper Bump Steer Tie Rods and Toe Links 

Aluminum Rack Bushing: Replaces the stock rubber bushing with high strength CNC machined type III black anodized aluminum bushing. This will dramatically increase steering responsiveness, and reduce vibration that can be felt in the steering wheel.

Steering Upgrades Installation Instructions

Aluminum Steering Rack Bushing Installation Instructions

 Steering Tie Rod, Rack Stop, Bellows Removal Video:



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