10 oz .999 Fine Silver Bar - Geiger Security Line

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These bars are celebrated offerings from Germanys Geiger Edelmetalle Mint and each contains its own unique security features. This mint is revered world-wide for its product excellence and design artistry. Customers will note the inherent elegance of each bar and the outstanding proof-like finish that adorns them. These bars are ideal for investment in precious silver bullion.

Bar Highlights:

  • Contains 10 oz of .999 pure silver.
  • Minted at the prestigious Geiger Edelmetalle Mint in Germany.
  • Features the Security Line protection features common on Geiger bars.
  • Design features include the Schloss Guldengossa castle.
  • Individual bars ship in resealable plastic bags.

Learn More About Geiger’s Five Proprietary Security Line Features Below

The unique security features on this bar include a special UV varnish which is applied during the minting process. When holding a UV light up to the bar, it will reveal the year in which the bar was minted along with the LEV Rhombus. Aside from this unique feature, each bar is also stamped with a security label containing its own serial number. As Geiger is diligent with keeping track of every bar they mint, this information is fully traceable all the way back to the batch of raw material in which it was made from!

Purity & Design

Each 10 oz Geiger Silver Bar is made with ten troy ounces of .999 fine silver. These bars feature the renowned Schloss Guldengossa, a Baroque castle situated outside of the German city of Leipzig. The manor is over 700 years old. The bars showcase the structure with stunning detail as evidenced by the artistry of the brickwork, windows and other touches. The reverse side of the bar features the mints name and the bars ten troy ounces of pure silver. Customers that invest in these high quality silver bars will not be disappointed.

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