Gen IV Polyurethane Transmission Mount

$2,780  DSE-VP-TDK-000: Transmission and Differential Cooler Kit   1 Week Build Time


$495  DSE-VP-EA-011: ACR Extreme Extended Diffuser Strakes (6 diffuser strakes)


$395  DSE-VP-CC-003-III-KIT: Complete Kit for Gen III Cars  

2008-2017 Gen IV and V: Intake Heat Shield

                Adapts the 2013+ Intake Manifold (P/N: 5038554AC, 5038554AD, 503855A4AE) to 2008-2010 Heads  |  Reduces installation time                   Machined Flats provide visual confirmation of orientation  |  Increased clamping surface area  |  Type III Anodized Aluminum 

Parts may have a lead time if not in stock

Subtract 10% for Raw CF- No clear/polish
Add 20% for Matte Finish
1 of 1 colors - must provide 2oz of paint

Door Sills (Gen III,IV,V)       480.00     (Painted Logo)
                                               380.00    (Plain Polished / No Paint)
Rear TA Spoiler                   2200.00     
X-Brace                                 2200.00          
Rear Applique Gen V          2500.00   (Dealer install item only)

TA Front Splitters (PR)
OEM 1.0                       1800.00                                    
OEM 2.0                        2000.00                   

Replacement Rub strips for OEM  TA Splitters 
OEM 1.0                          200.00
OEM  2.0                         250.00  

Replacement Xtreme Style Front Splitter Rub strips 
XTR 1.0 Sold per each    125.00    
XTR  2.0 Sold per each    150.00     

Canards/ Dive Planes ( Specify Gen III, IV,or V)
OEM Style  
Upper and Lower set (4) 1200.00      
Uppers Only (pr)              400.00       
Lowers only (Pr)               800.00    

Brake Ducts - Gen V
Side/Rear (pr)                   2000.00     (Dealer install  item only)
Front  (pr)                          600.00            

Coil Covers Gen V
     Painted Logo                         1200.00                        
     Upper / lower half / Center Seam painted  add 100.00           

Airbox cover  (Gen IV, V)     1400.00                       
      Painted logo                    add 100.00 

Fuse box cover                        400.00                               
Side  Skirts                             1500.00                              

Interior Parts - Gen V 
Center Dash Surround         1200.00                                 
Radio/Info center Bezel/overlay  300.00                                  
Shifter/Ring plate                         300.00                                  
A/C vent covers  (4)                     400.00                               
Door Hand Rest (Pr)                    300.00                                   
Viper Grab Handle Overlay          400.00                                   
Headrest/Seatbelt insert (Pr)       1400.00                                 
Steering Wheel insert                   800.00                                  
Light Ring Covers (pr)                  50.00                                    
Headlight Switch cover                 200.00                                

SRT Hood Vent Bezels (6)           600.00                                

ACR-E Wing End Plates               600.00                                                           

Coolant Tank overlay                      300.00                               

A convenient charging solution for Gen V Vipers.

Compatible with all battery chargers. Contact DSE with charger model number for connection / adapter information.

Direct connection to Deltran Battery Tender; Optima Digital 400. Adapt to CTEK with 56-564 Comfort Indicator Pigtail 

Quick Charging Without Opening the Hood or Trunk through Driver Side Gill.  |  NO DRILLING; BOLT-ON; can easily return to stock.
 SAE 2 Pin Connector (Battery Tender and other Charger Compatible) |  Type III Black Anodized Aluminum Bracket  |  Stainless Steel Hardware     

GEN IV ACR Splitter Extensions and Rub Strips

REDUCED SIZE (5" x 6")

$25  DSE-VP-HS-002: Gen IV Anodized Aluminum Airbox Screws (set of 2, replaces  OEM 04708180)    

$245  DSE-VP-SE-002: Gen IV ACR Side Rub Strips (set of 2) 

$25  DSE-VP-HS-003: Gen V Anodized Aluminum Airbox Thumb Screws  ( 2) 

Wall art commemorating the 2017 ACR Extreme Production Lap of 7:01.3 at the Nürburgring Nordschleife.

$435   DSE-VP-HS-001-IV: Gen IV (2008-2010) Airbox Intake Heat Shield   

$18  DSE-VP-EA-005: ACR Extreme Splitter Black 316 Stainless Steel Hardware (18)    

 $275     DSE-VP-BA-002: SRT-10 Quick Release Battery Cover + Charger Connector

$2 each       Airbox and Manifold Caps

$275  DSE-VP-EA-001B: Cosmetically Blemished ACR Extreme Splitter Extension 

 Fully Functional Extension containing scratches or marks that do not affect performance.

$28 DSE-VP-BS-002: 2013-2017 Set of 25 Stainless Steel M6 Bodywork Bolt Set (3 Sets for Wheel Wells, Body, Diffuser, Front Fascia; 1 Set for ACR-E Diffuser)

(OEM Equivalent P/N 06508387AA)

$495     DSE-VP-CC-002-SVK:  OFF-ROAD ONLY

Gen V (2013-2017) Single Can Vented Kit     

A high quality, quick release replacement for the cumbersome OEM Battery Cover with option for Battery Charge Connector

Compatible with all battery chargers. Contact DSE with charger model number for connection / adapter information. 

Direct connection to Deltran Battery Tender; Optima Digital 400. Adapt to CTEK with 56-564 Comfort Indicator Pigtail 

$495  DSE-VP-EA-003: ACR Extreme Reduced Height Diffuser Extensions (6 pieces)                                                               

$8/foot      High Temperature Hose

$20 DSE-VP-BS-001: 2003-2017 Set of 10 Stainless Steel Belly Pan Bolt Set  (20 Req For Belly Pan, 30 Req for ACR Splitter + Front Wheel Area)

(OEM Equivalent P/N 06505070AA) 

$295  DSE-VP-SE-001: Gen IV ACR Track Splitter Extension 

$36  68197927AA : Moper OEM Castrol Syntrax 75W-140 For all 2008-2017 Vipers (OEM GKN Visco Lok differential) (3 bottles required for diff + DSE cooler kit) 

2016-2017 ACR Extreme Hood/Wheel Vent Shield

$470  DSE-VP-EA-007: ACR Extreme Splitter Support Bracket (Set of 2)    

Oil from the PCV system can be ingested into the intake manifold and airbox, contaminate and reduce flow through the air filter, reduce the effective octane rating of fuel, increase chance of knock, and reduce power.

Quick disconnect connector system  |  Quick, Convenient Way to Keep the Battery Charged - No Open Hoods, Windows or Hatches        
Connector Accessible Through Rear Vents Above Diffuser  |  Hardwired Directly to Battery for Most Efficient Charging  Anodized Aluminum / Stainless Steel Bracket Mounts to DSE Battery Cover  |  SAE 2 Pin Connector (Battery Tender Compatible)  Car Battery Harness with 7.5A fuse  |  No modification of car, ring terminals on car harness attach directly to OEM battery lugs      

DISCONTINUED  DSE-VP-CP-002: Ram Air" Carbon Fiber

Closeout Panel (Gen IV , some Gen III)

$99  DSE-VP-LP-001: Gen V ACR Front Plate Bracket 

A safe lithium ion battery provides an effective way to drop weight for Gen V Vipers. Complete kit includes battery, bracket, and charger.

Built to be  mechanically and electrically robust.  Not for vehicles with abnormally high power loads.

Cells Individually Protected | Over Charging | Over Discharge | Short Circuit | Penetration | Thermal Shock | NO Fires | No Explosions 

Replaces the factory rubber transmission mount P/N 04643318AC.. Mount is stiffer than OEM increased vibration may result.

$5 each       Anodized Aluminum Barb Hose Splice

2013-2017 Gen V Viper : Catch Can Kits

$184  DSE-VP-SP-001: 2008-2017 Spark Plug Wire Set  FREE SHIPPING


Reduce debris flying through wheel vents. Street and Street/Track Versions for use with/without plastic wheel vents.

BOLT-ON for 2008-2010 ACR |  Better-than-OEM Stainless Steel Threaded Inserts  | Black Texture / Matte Finish | Billet Aluminum

Catch Can Extras (All but clamps included with the kit)

$300  DSE-VP-EA-008: Gen V ACR Street Rub Strip   

BOLT-ON for 2003-2010 Vipers, NON-INVASIVE = NO DRILLING  |  All Aluminum and Stainless Steel  |  Type III black anodize 
Custom clamping mounting bracket  |  Complete kit includes all fittings, hoses, and other accessories

$4 each        Heat Shrink Hose Clamps

Gen V (2013 - 2017) Differential and Transmission Cooler Kits

$145  DSE-VP-EA-009: ACR Extreme Street Vent Shield -  Solid Street Version (use w/ Plastic Vent)  (Set of 2)    

$4 each        Heat Shrink Hose Clamps

$35 "In Garage" Photo Print - 24" x 16" 

$25 Long Sleeve Tri-Blend Shirt (PLEASE SPECIFY SIZE)

Gen IV and V (2008 - 2017) Carbon Fiber Driveshaft  

$495  DSE-VP-EA-002: ACR Extreme Diffuser Strakes (6 diffuser strakes)                                                                 

Replaces the weak OEM plastic window threaded mounting bosses with stainless / aluminum parts.

Limited Edition Track-O'Lantern ACR Halloween Shirts - Ordering Closes 10/19/18 

39 % Weight of OEM Viper Lug Nuts with Improved brake cooling due to open-ended design. | Teflon coated to eliminate galling. Fully forged and machined for ultimate strength and precision. | Fits all Vipers.

  NO DRILLING; BOLT-ON; can easily return to stock. | Each Pump and Fan are Individually Controlled | Motorsports Grade Wiring Harness | Custom Control Circuit Board |  Maintenance Pump Switch Included  | Type III  Black Anodized Aluminum Brackets  |  Stainless Steel Hardware | Compatible with IPSCO ACR Rear Tow Hook


2013-2017 Gen V Viper : Quick Access Battery Charger Connector Mount and Wiring Harness

$31  DSE-VP-TM-001: Gen IV Polyurethane Transmission Mount 

$5      Airbox drain plug (included with heat shield; replaces OEM P/N: 05038304AA)

2016-17 Gen V ACR - Extreme: Splitter and Diffuser Components  CONTACT US FOR FULL ACR SPLITTER / DIFFUSER 

$150: Quantity 1 of 1 Unique Design

 $325     DSE-LN-TI-001: 1/2-20" Open-Ended Titanium Lug Nuts (Set of 25) 

Airbox Extras (Included with the Shield)

$10 DSE-VP-BS-004: 2013-2017 Set of 10 Stainless Steel M5 Screws and Washers (Gill Area)

BOLT-ON for 2013-2017 Vipers, NON-INVASIVE = NO DRILLING  |  All Aluminum or Stainless Steel  |  Type III black anodize & black powder coat
Custom clamping bracket mounts in multiple locations  |  Complete kit includes all fittings, hoses, and other accessories

Dodge / SRT Viper Bolt-On Performance: 

Motorsport Inspired Design & Materials

Better-Than-OEM Quality 

2003-2006 Gen III  |  2008-2010 Gen IV  |  2013-2017 Gen V

$25  DSE-VP-EA-006: ACR Extreme Diffuser Extension Black 316 Stainless Steel Hardware (28)

Bolt-On Front plate bracket compatible with the ACR splitter. Low profile design with minimum airflow restriction.  Security Hardware.

GEN V Front and Rear "Boomerang" Stone Guards From Jack B

BOLT-ON for 2008-2010 Dodge Viper | Will not Separate - Internal Steel Locking System 

$125 "In Garage" Fabric Banner – 60” x 40”  

Gen I-V 1/2-20 Forged Titanium Open-Ended Lug Nuts with Teflon Infused Coating

$995 : Carbon Fiber Driveshaft for Gen IV and V Dodge Viper ** Includes New OEM U Joint Bolts and Clamps


 $85     DSE-VP-BA-003: Gen V Quick Access Charger Connector Mount and Harness​ 

8.65mm wires include a KEVLAR® core that's four times stronger than Aramid cores, a class-leading 40 ohms of resistance per foot, nickel copper alloy conductors for superior spark energy transfer, an extra-thick EPDM layer for greater dielectric strength, high-temperature silicone boots that can withstand heat up to 600 degrees, and locking stainless steel plug terminals. Closely woven fiberglass, silicone-impregnated insulation provides up to 8,000 extra volts of protection, and extra-thick diameter extends wire life by adding additional insulation against heat, chaffing, and contaminants.

$35 "On Track" Photo Print - 24" x 16"  

$145  Gen III, IV, V Window Boss Kit  (2 windows, set of 4 bosses)

$740     DSE-VP-CC-002-DSK:

Gen V (2013-2017) Dual Can Sealed Kit   

$125 "On Track" Fabric Banner – 60” x 40”   

Improve the airflow through the radiator (and /or airbox) and clean up the look of the engine bay.

$9  68218057AA : Mopar ATF+4 Transmission Fluid, 32 oz. bottle  (4 bottles required for transmission + DSE cooler kit) 

BOLT-ON for 2016-2017 ACR Extreme Viper  |  Better-than-OEM Stainless Steel Threaded Inserts  | Black Texture / Matte Finish | Billet Aluminum

Stone guards to greatly reduce paint damage on side sills from tire debris.

1400 HP Rating  |  Reduction In Transmitted Vibrations and Shock  |  High Speed Balanced to 9000 RPM

$30 DSE-VP-BS-003: 2013-2017 Set of 24 Stainless Steel Self Tapping Screws and Lock Washers (Under Sills, Rear Wheel Well Area)

(OEM Equivalent P/N 06034355  ; 06032824)

$395     DSE-VP-CC-002-SSK: 

​Gen V (2013-2017) Single Can Sealed Kit

$3        Airbox Nut Clips (set of 2)

$1,785  DSE-VP-TDK-001: Differential Cooler Kit Only   1 Week Build Time

GEN III, IV, V Window Boss Kit

2003-2010 Gen III and IV Viper : Quick Release Battery Cover

$ 195   DSE-VP-EA-012: ACR Extreme Diffuser Leading Edge Lock/Hard Mount (Set of 4)  

$199  DSE-VP-EA-004-B: Black ACR Extreme Splitter Adjustable Support (Set of 2)    

DISCONTINUED  DSE-VP-CP-001: Standard Carbon Fiber

Closeout Panel (Gen IV, some Gen III)

Reproductions of factory wearable aerodynamic extensions and associated hardware for the Gen IV ACR

$435   DSE-VP-HS-001-V: Gen V (2013-2017) Airbox Intake Heat Shield   

$75  Gen III, IV, V Window Boss Kit  (1 window, set of 2 bosses) 

$185  DSE-VP-EA-004: ACR Extreme Splitter Adjustable Support (Set of 2)    

BOLT-ON for 2016-2017 Vipers  |  Black Hard Anodized Aluminum

2003-2010 Gen III-IV Carbon Fiber Radiator Closeout Panel

BOLT-ON for 2008-2010 Vipers (contact us for 2003-2006)  |  100% USA hand laid, autoclave cured, carbon fiber  |  UV Stable Clear Coat  Two configurations available, standard and "ram-air" to feed the intake via hood ducts  |  Vehicle laser scanned for precise fit 


GEN V REPLICA SIZE (6.5" x 7.5")                                 

 $85     DSE-VP-BA-003: Gen V Quick Access Charger Connector Mount and Harness


$79  Gen V Rear Boomerang Stone Guards (set of 2)

Gen III, IV, and V (2003 - 2017) Stainless Steel Body Bolts

$1,150  DSE-VP-TDK-002: Transmission Cooler Kit Only   1 Week Build Time 

$20 Short Sleeve Tri-Blend Shirt (PLEASE SPECIFY SIZE)

$135  DSE-VP-CL-001: Gen V Intake Manifold Compression Limiters (set of 20)

Reduces Intake Air Temperature (IAT) caused by airbox heating incoming air.  Ceramic coating greatly reduces heat soak. Reduced IAT increases power by providing cooler air to the engine and reducing pulled timing by the ECU. 

2003-2006 Gen III and 2008-2010 Gen IV Viper : Catch Can Kits

Custom Laser Etched Aluminum Gen V (2013-2017) Dash Plaque                      

$745     DSE-VP-CC-002-DVK:  OFF-ROAD ONLY

Gen V (2013-2017) Dual Can Vented Kit     

Carbon Fiber Parts By Xtreme Supercars - CONTACT US TO ORDER

$375  DSE-VP-EA-001: ACR Extreme Splitter Extension  CONTACT FOR EXTENDED VERSION

Reproductions of factory aerodynamic components and associated hardware for the ACR Extreme.

$295  DSE-VP-EA-010: ACR Extreme Vent Shield - Vented Track/Street Version (Stand Alone)  (Set of 2)    

Eliminates the need for double stick tape on the leading edge of the diffuser.

$435   Gen IV (2008-2010) Airbox Intake Heat Shield (CANADA SHIP)

$395  DSE-VP-CC-003-IV-KIT: Complete Kit for the Gen IV w/ OEM Intake Manifold.

Complete cooler kits - a differential cooler is recommended per the owner's manual for 25+ minute track sessions. Thermally controlled coolers and fans keep fluids cooler and extends fluid life. 

 $199     DSE-VP-BA-001: SRT-10 CNC Aluminum Quick Release Battery Cover 

$15     PCV Eliminator / Hose Barb Adapter (Gen IV and V Vipers)

 $995     DSE-VP-BA-005: Gen V 10 Pound Lithium Ion Battery Kit


$230  DSE-VP-SE-003: Gen IV ACR Center Street Rub Strip 

Adheres over stock dash plaque with double sided tape. You will be emailed a proof for approval before production.  4-6 Weeks.

$395  DSE-VP-CC-003-V-KIT: Kit for Gen IV Cars with Gen V Intake Manifold.

The Gen V Composite Intake Manifold is a great modification for the Gen IV Viper (improves power, weight, reduces heat), however, the OEM compression limiters provided are not compatible with the Gen IV heads.

$79  Gen V Front Boomerang Stone Guards (set of 2)

$31  DSE-VP-CL-002: 20 Black Stainless Steel Gen V Manifold Bolts  (OEM Eqiv. 06510753AA)

$158  Gen V Front & Rear Boomerang Stone Guards (set of 4)

BOLT-ON for 2016-2017 Vipers  |  Black Hard Anodized Aluminum and Stainless Steel  |  Reduces Service Time and Saves Material Costs  | 

Eliminates Risk of Tape Failure and Diffuser Damage (Leading Edge Can Drag on Street / Track Service After Tape Failure)  

Quick Battery Access: Remove panel in seconds, not minutes.  |  NO DRILLING; BOLT-ON; can easily return to stock.
 Common Phillips screwdriver instead of Torx bit.  |   Perfect for Track or Street Driven Cars: Lighter and Stronger Than Stock                            Low-Gloss Black Anodized Aluminum Finish Compliments Interior  |  Stainless Steel & Aluminum Quick-Release Phillips Head Fasteners     

$435    Gen V (2013-2017) Airbox Intake Heat Shield (CANADA SHIP)

2008-2010 Gen IV Compression Limiters for Installing the Gen V Intake Manifold

$240: Quantity 2 of 1 Unique Design

Gen IV and V (2008 - 2017) Spark Plug Wires by Moroso  

2016-2017 ACR Extreme Diffuser Leading Edge Lock / Hard Mount

2013-2017 Gen V Viper : 10 Pound Lithium Ion Battery, Bracket and Charger Kit

Oil from the PCV system can be ingested into the intake manifold and airbox, contaminate and reduce flow through the air filter, reduce the effective octane rating of fuel, increase chance of knock, and reduce power.

Ultra 40 Race Spark Plug Wire Set  |  Engineered Spiral Wound Conductor  |  Optimized EMI/RFI Performance

BOLT-ON for 2008-2017 Vipers, NON-INVASIVE = NO DRILLING  |  Aluminum construction with high quality black ceramic coating for thermal insulation  Weight is less than 4 lbs.  |  Aluminum airbox thumb screws included, all other hardware is stainless steel