$2,825     B7XL - Full Carbon  |  FIA Approved  |  8.4 lbs  |  Track Focused Design  | Drivers over 220 lbs;  30 mm wider  |  Street Belt Compatible

Tillett Racing Seats: 

Lightweight, stiff, and comfortable racing seats built for track and street use. 

Weight reduction of up to 70 lbs from stock seats; very stiff and comfortable; customizable

Tillett Seats  |  Mounting Hardware for Viper and Camaro  |  Passenger Occupant Emulators

DSE Tillet Seat Adapters

$360     Gen V Dodge Viper Floor Brackets with Lap and Sub Belt Attachments  Estimated to be available in July 2019

​​Gen V Viper Seats Weigh 52lbs each;  5th Gen Camaro Z/28 Manual Front Seats Weigh 50 lbs each.

​​Racing Seat Summary (Most Popular Seats Listed Below)  |  Tillett Brochure 

*Prices may vary slightly with exchange rate fluctuations*  Prices listed below are without options (when available):

$$$     5th Gen Camaro Adapter Brackets (reuse OEM manual slider as found on the Z/28) Estimated to be available in September 2019

Custom brackets allow direct bolt on of your Tillett Seats

 $2,825     B7 - Full Carbon  |  FIA Approved  |  8.2 lbs  |  Track Focused Design  |  Street Belt Compatible 

$175     Gen V Dodge Viper Spacers - Returns to OEM Seat Height Estimated to be available in Julyl 2019

Weight range from 7 - 14 lbs. Full carbon fiber construction is available along with GRP (glass reinforced plastic) construction with or without a carbon overlay.  Designed to be used comfortably with and without helmets and HANS.  Gain head clearance due to thin seat construction.  Fully customizable suede or leather inserts and embroidery, GRP can be black or color matched.  Compatible with street belts or racing harnesses.

 $125+  Tillett Bracket Kit  (unique to each seat design and installation)

  $1075   B6 Screamer XL  - GRP Construction  |  Carbon Overlay Available  |  FIA Approved  |  13.5 lbs  |  Drivers over 220 lbs ; 30mm wider  |  Track Focused Design

DSE Passenger Occupant Emulators

$430     DSE-VP-OE-001: 2013-2017 Gen V Dodge Viper Passenger Occupant Emulator Contact to order

 $325     Suede / Leather Pads (2 pieces).  Optional Materials, Colors, Stitching patterns are available.

 $1970  B1 - Full Carbon  |  7.1 lbs  |  Street Focused Design  | Lightest weight.  

Eliminates codes and lights associated with removal of the passenger seat.  Selectable passenger airbag on/off position.

  $1075     B5 - GRP Construction  |  Carbon Overlay Available  |  9.3 lbs  |  Street Focused Design  | Looks similar to B6 / B7 for side by side installation.  

Tillett Racing Seats - Contact Us to Specify Your Design - Seats Are Built To Order in 6-8 Weeks

$$$     5th Gen Camaro  Passenger Occupant Emulator Estimated to be available in September 2019

$$$     5th Gen Camaro Floor Mount (solid mount of seats to floor without slider) Estimated to be available in September 2019

  $1075     B6 Screamer - GRP Construction  |  Carbon Overlay Available  |  FIA Approved  |  13.4 lbs  |  Track Focused Design  |  Street Belt Compatible